THE HAMBURG CELL(2004) Directed by Antonia Bird.
        Starring Alexander Siddig as Sheikh Khaled Mohammed.
        A sort of side B to PATH TO 9/11 as this Canadian film follows Mohammed Atta, Ziad Jarrah and the rest of the Moslem Barbarians as they recruit, get recruited, become good Moslems(aka plot to murder infidels and Jews) and prepare for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States while operating out of Hamburg, Germany and is, as a general rule, quite good.
        The production crew hired the actors based on their race rather than their talent(they state as much in the extras) so the performances are not as good as they could be but since the hijackers were inhuman monsters, the undevelped nature of the performances has an unintended effect of showing just how beyond the pale these creatures were. The film makes the laughable assertions that Bill Clintons fault was that he was too aggressive fighting Al Qaeda in the 90s and if he had just ignored them, they would have gone away and that George Bush was/is too passive--utter nonsense of course but presumably it is there to to assure good reviews and to prevent the film being censored/suppressed as PATH TO 9/11 has been by the Left. The film also makes the mistake dramatically of fast forwarding to show the destruction the terrorists will wreck as they are boarding the planes. This is unneccesary and the film should have just stayed with the screen going white as it eventually does. The viewer does not need to see what will happen. Also the film soils itself somewhat by showing the Twin Towers and the crater in Pennsylvania but NOT the Pentagon--which is rather distasteful. Again better not to have shown anything at all.
        Anyway all of the above are minor points and quibles on what is on the whole a solid film that not only covers the events leading up to 9/11 from the enemies side but also gives that rare tight focus examination of Moslem barbarism, the mind set, the hatred, the indoctrination, the idealogy and the love of death that, as of this writing, Hollywood in all of its liberal/ America hating/Bush loathing frenzy has not yet managed to touch upon even once.
        Well worth the viewers time. An important film. A good historical docudrama of the type that should be made more often. At the present time, the best film on 9/11 that this viewer has yet seen.
        As yes that is Alexander Siddig--Dr Bashir from DEEP SPACE NINE!!